We have established relationships with a number of tow truck companies for referral businesses of stalled vehicles requiring recovery services from various locations within and outside Lagos. We give you the best at an affordable price.

Computerized Diagnosis

Using a computerized diagnostic machine, we do not just check the condition of the engine of your vehicle only, but we conduct a total and comprehensive check and data analysis of the vehicle system to identify possible breakdown of any component, and fix or replace them right away for that perfect working-condition of your vehicle.

Logistics Service

We offer unlimited logistics service for repair customers making the entire service experience as painless and convenient as possible. This includes vehicle pick-up (receiving) and drop-off (delivery) at your convenience.

Auto Repairs

We have established strong vendor relationships with the most reputable vendors in terms of shipping and delivery time of major parts, like carbon ceramic brake pads. We are the best, using carbon ceramic brake pads in Nigeria.

After Service

This comes in the form of routine tips on how you may want to care for your vehicle at your convenience. It also gives you tips on what to look out for (warning signs and indicators) in the face of imminent failure or breakdown.

Auto Parts and Products

We stock genuine quality automotive parts and products and are in partnership with the suppliers and major dealers to ensure the best parts and products are used in our services. The parts and products include MAJO™ Brake Pads of which we are the exclusive distributor in Nigeria and other countries in West Africa and HIT-FLON® engine coating, to mention a few. The parts and products are covered with warranty.

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