After ringing the engine, my car engine performance has become poor. Whenever I start and move the car for about a-100 meter distance, it goes off intermittently. Even the engine sound is worrisome. What could be the problem?

The problem is definitely with the engine, right inside of the engine.

If you experience a problem with your vehicle engine, it is advisable to diagnose the problem first in order to know what next to do. 

Engine diagnosis entails a fundamental and systematic approach to determine what the problem is. 

When conditions indicate that the problem is right inside of the engine itself, the engine must need to be diagnosed and tested. It is worthy of note that if the engine has a problem the other systems of the vehicle cannot function properly. The vehicle engine is responsible for the seal of the cylinders, compression of the mixture, and conversion of the energy produced in the cylinders into the power necessary for the locomotion of the vehicle. The vehicle engine also produces the signals for precise operations of the other systems components of the vehicle.

Professionally, it is advisable to completely overhaul and replace a trouble vehicle engine instead of ringing it as there could result the following:

1. Heavy hood/abnormal noise coming from the interior of the engine.

2. Crankshaft noise due to excessive clearance in the main bearings which issues out heavy metallic knocks.

3. Noise from the connecting rod due to excessive clearance in the connecting rod which usually gives out a light rap or clatter. The noise becomes louder with increase in the engine speed.

4. Noise from the piston. The most common is slap. It is a hollow, muffled, bell-like sound produced due to rocking of the piston from side to side in the cylinder. So, the cylinder wall clearance becomes excessive or skirt-broken.

5. Noise from the valve which produces a characteristic clicking sound.

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