Quality best auto repair backed by years of experience

Best Auto Repair

The mechanics at our shop have over 28 years of experience in automotive repair, servicing, maintenance and after sales. They are dedicated to providing high-quality best auto repair to keep you safe and happy. We offer a complete range of automotive repair services. Our shop uses automotive parts and products from reputable brands like MAJO™ Brake Pads and HIT-FLON® www.hit-flon.com engine coating to ensure that your vehicle is always primed.

MAJO™ Brake Pads

We are the exclusive distributor of MAJO™ Carbon-Ceramic Brake Pads in Nigeria and other countries in West Africa. These brake pads are products of Majo Auto Parts Limited in the United Kingdom. They are the world’s best and affordable brake pads for your use. Anytime you need MAJO™ Brake Pads, think Uzonedich. Visit our online store to buy MAJO™ Carbon-Ceramic Brake Pads and HIT-FLON® engine coating https://uzonedich.com/online-store/

Amazing Investment

Invest and earn 135.08% return on investment, ROI, in MAJO™ Carbon-Ceramic Brake Pads. Investment duration is 26 months, from 1st November, 2021 to 30th December, 2023. The 26-month investment period is divided into a 4-term profit payment plan of 8-6-6-6 months. The investor earns 11.11% as return on investment, ROI, at the end of the 1st term of 8 months from the start date and 41.33% flat at the end of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th term of 6 months consecutively.

Invest in MAJO™ Carbon-Ceramic Brake Pads and earn 135.08% return on investment over a period of 26 months. CLICK LINK TO KNOW MORE AND INVEST